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Grace House of Cedar Creek Lake is excited to invite you to be a part of something that is changing lives. We want our community to become aware of who we are, what we offer and consider becoming a partner with us in this endeavor.

OUR MISSION is to give at risk women the opportunity to overcome destructive lifestyles of addiction, incarceration and poverty. We provide a protected environment so that women may grow and mature in their faith and be transformed by the power of God. The women will stay at Grace House at no cost to them. Therefore, we need financial partners who would like to share in this commitment. While each component of our program is valuable, our greatest strength is that we build on the solid foundation of Jesus. Many are in the midst of the fight of addiction and YOU could be their connection to a new life. Open the door of hope for someone today.

OUR GOAL is to teach women that their lives are divinely given and to encourage them to allow their lives to be directed by God so that He may accomplish His perfect will in their lives. Grace House is designed to rebuild broken lives, mend broken hearts, and reunite broken families. This is time set aside to break old patterns and set new ones.


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